3 Adorable Nail Trends You Should Try This Spring

Image via aliciatnails/Instagram

If you’re trying not to fall into the trap of getting floral nails this spring, you’ll be happy to hear this is not the only hot manicure trend for this season. Here are three less obvious choices worthy of your time.

Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are all the rage again, which is really good news since they happen to be one of the most convenient choices out there. They can look good even after your nails have grown out, and options for experimenting with different designs are pretty much limitless.

Spotted Nails

New season is all about sprinkling your fingertips and there are so many ways to go about this trend. You can try bright colors, dots of different shapes and sizes, or simply go with one of popular animal prints, including infamous cow nails.

Pearl Nails

This hot spring trend is adorable and elegant at the same time, but you’ll need to tread lightly if you decide to go down this road. Pearl nails will need a lot of protection unless you want to damage them right away.