4 Statement Beauty Trends to Rock This Summer

This summer, get prepared to rock some of the boldest beauty trends yet. Check out these trends, which are inspired by celebrities’ red carpet hair and makeup looks.

Glitter Hair

This trend is now only meant for festival season, Sophie Turner rocked glitter hair at the Met Gala. Her stunning hair, done by celebrity hairstylist Christian Wood, doesn’t have to be Camp for you to flaunt it in public.

Colorful Lashes

Gigi Hadid is the pillar of trends, which means whatever this stunner does, eventually becomes an obsession for women. The gorgeous white eyelashes she recently debuted, sparked a huge beauty moment.

Graphic Eyeliner

Another statement beauty trends you can flaunt is graphic eyeliner. It can be black, or literally any vibrant color that you like. You can get really creative with the shape of your feline flick and adapt it for the occasion.

Hair Bows

Lady Gaga started wearing hair bows way before it was cool! She decided to make this cute hairstyle hip again.