5 Pieces You Need From Mango’s Eco Chic Collection

Image by mango/Instagram

This Mango collection is not only fashionable, it’s also eco-friendly. With every piece made from environmentally friendly organic cotton and recycled materials, you will not only look amazing but also support at great cause. Let’s look at the five best pieces.


Wide leg pants

Not many pieces are both elegant and comfy, but these pants sure fit the bill. Add an oversized T-shirt and your combination will truly be next level.

The wrap dress

Floaty dresses are always welcome members of every wardrobe and this mango piece is certainly no exception to the rule. It can be worn in a multitude of occasions, as well.

A midi skirt

I order to truly conquer the summer and spring sidewalks, you will need such a stylish but still lady-like and elegant skirt. A staple of every spring wardrobe, most def.

An easy top

For those hot days, you need an affordable and monochromatic top that will allow you to look both elegant and chill. No better candidate than this top.


A mini-skirt

Along with the top and the midi skirt, you will have a lot to combine with this skirt. A summer staple, no doubt.