5 Shoe Trends That’ll Stick Around in 2018

Image by pleasershoes/Instagram

2017 is well behind us, but its spirit is still looming over our fashion lives in every sense possible.

This is true when it comes to shoes as well, which are (as we all know) the basis of every good outfit. Some trends come and go, some make a comeback, but there are always ones that end up pouring into the next years, so subtly yet evidently at the same time.

Flat mules

They managed to stick around mostly because they can be both basic and flashy, both unnoticeable and the center of attention.

Chelsea boots

If you decide to purchase Chelsea boots, they can be a good investment because they always return one way or another. 2018 is no exception and you should capitalize on the trend.

Oversized bows

Every girl should have that one cute element when it comes to her outfit. An oversized bow on regular sneakers can be a real difference maker in the end.

Platform sandals

It’s safe to say that platform sandals are one of those truly immortal iterations of style and fashion. Get them while they’re still hot, ladies!

Kitten heels

Not big on the whole stiletto thing? And you shouldn’t be. Small heels are the bomb as well.