Amber Valletta Shows Us How To Get Glowy Skin

Supermodel Amber Valletta let us in on how she gets her skin to glow — and proved that sometimes Just for Men isn’t just for men!

During the ‘90s, Valletta was a regular on the runways and worked with tops designers and make-up artists who shared their tips (including none other than the Pat McGrath!).

The 45-year-old shared some of what she learned while filming her beauty routine for Vogue.

Using anti-ageing collagen patches under her eyes, Valletta, who lives in Los Angeles, swears by sunscreen. She says, “’I have to wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy. Anything extra goes on my hands.”

The mother of one admits to being “an eyebrow freak” and because her brows were recently bleached for a photoshoot, she is in the process of dyeing them dark — using Just For Men beard dye.

Curling her lashes without even needing a mirror, Valletta uses a mascara from her own line, as well as a blush stick that she created.

“I think beauty comes from, yes the inside, but that comes from your spiritual, mental, physical health,” she says. “Each one of us has something that’s special and unique, so instead of hiding it or being ashamed of it, trying to embrace all of ourselves is the most important part.”