Best Ways to Wear a Teddy Coat and Still Look Classy

Photo by Dvora/Shutterstock (9447476t)

Teddy coats returned to the spotlight this winter and became one of the most popular fashion items on the market. They go well with your casual outfits but aren’t such a great pick for formal events – unless you make them look classy with these useful tips.

Monochrome Look

There’s something about monochrome outfits that simply screams elegance, so why not make your teddy coat a part of one? White and black is the safest option because you won’t struggle to find other items in these colors.

Back to Black

Speaking of black, you can’t go wrong by wearing this timelessly classy color. No matter which teddy coat you pick, you won’t go wrong by pairing it off with a stylish black outfit.

Right Accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit, and if you pick the right ones, your teddy won’t look so casual anymore. Signature bag and shoes will do the trick, but the color combo is equally important so make sure to go with the items that perfectly match the shade of your coat.