The best white tops and blouses for Spring 2018

Photo by Riki Ramdani on Unsplash

The white top/blouse

It is an absolute wardrobe staple but is sometimes seen as boring. Maybe you’ve got a couple tucked away in your closet that doesn’t see the light of day.

But if you look up ‘wardrobe essentials’, the white blouse is right up there with leg-lengthening jeans, a sharp blazer, and great white kicks.

Spring, there is a huge variety of the most un-boring, fabulously adventurous white tops and blouses from so many brands. This season, brands have up-styled the little white blouse into a wide variety of exciting styles.

With ruffles and mixed fabrics, button-downs and tons of new styles, this is the season to embrace the white blouse in all its many and glorious varieties. We’ve rounded up some of the loveliest white tops and blouses available this season.

From feminine, dainty lace to high neck looks reminiscent of the Victoria era, high-low ruffled blouses to tie-sleeve tops, you’re guaranteed to find one (or more!) to take your wardrobe effortlessly into the new season.

And these styles don’t need much accessorizing because they say so much on their own. Have a look at these great looks.