Celebrities and Influencers Can’t Get Enough of Givenchy’s Sheer Dresses

Image via carodaur/Instagram

Matthew Williams was appointed as Givenchy’s new creative director just a few months ago, but he already managed to make his mark. He promoted the brand’s latest collection by sending exclusive pieces to celebrities and influencers, who took photos wearing them at home. Givenchy’s sheer dresses established themselves as the biggest hit, and these stars helped put them on the map.

Kendall Jenner

Jenner promoted Givenchy’s new line by posing in a sheer, beaded dresses, and a pair of matching gloves. She paired it off with a chunky silver chain, long boots, and a shiny brown bag.

Kylie Jenner

Kendall’s sister Kylie also couldn’t resist the charm of Givenchy’s sheer dresses. She matched it with a cropped brown jacket with pointy shoulders and finished the look with a gold metallic bag and matching stilettos.


Kehlani’s Givenchy look also included a beaded sheer gown and matching gloves, but she managed to switch things up by wearing a black hoodie and long red boots underneath.

Caroline Daur

The German model and influencer took a sophisticated approach with her Givenchy photo. Her white beaded dress only had a sheer top, and she matched it with a classy white jacket.