3 Coat Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere Soon

Photo by Aleksander Borzenets on Unsplash

Colder days are coming and coats are making an expected return into our daily outfits. If it’s time for you to add a new one to your wardrobe, here’s a couple of trendy pieces you should take into consideration.

Teddy Coats

Teddy coats became a fashions staple this year, and we’re here 100% here for this trend. In addition to being super-stylish and versatile, these puffy coats are extremely cozy and it’s so much easier to get out when you have one of them warming you up.

Oversized Blazers

Blazers are all the rage this year, so use a few more warm weeks that we have left to let them shine. They’ll make every outfit you pick instantly stylish, and you should make sure to bring them out before temperatures start dropping.

Shearling Jackets

Shearling jackets made a huge comeback last year, and their time still hasn’t passed. If you’re trying to channel edgy vibe you get with leather jackets but feel nice and warm at the same time, shearlings are your best pick.