Comic Book Nails Are All the Rage Right Now & Here’s How to Wear Them

Nail art
Image by elena1110/Depositphotos

2022 has given us a few pretty amazing nail art trends, but none of them compare to comic book nails. This 2D craze is going stronger than ever right now and here are the five best ways to embrace them and have a manicure that looks straight out of a comic book.

Go Matte

Comic book nails usually come with a matte finish because it perfectly mimics the feel of paper, especially if you opt for natural shades, such as white and beige.

Add Some Color

If neutral manicures simply aren’t your thing, and you enjoy making things as bright as it gets, add some color to the mix and opt for a vibrant manicure in different colors of the rainbow.

Go French or Go Home

2D nail art can easily be combined with other popular styles. French manicure is the most popular option on the market because it’s incredibly versatile and you can easily combine it with other nail art trends, including comic book nails.

Make it Shine

2D nails and matte finish go hand in hand, but you can try this manicure even if you’re not a fan of this style. Comic book nails with a glossy finish can look amazing, as well, especially if you use glitter.

Mix It Up

Cartoon nails are pretty simple on their own, but you can make them truly pop by adding some tiny drawings and details to the mix.