Estée Lauder’s Upcoming Makeup Collection Hits Close to Home

Danielle Lauder. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WWD/Shutterstock (9713972dr)

Estée Lauder is one of the cosmetics brands with the richest legacy, and they’re getting ready to honor it with their next makeup launch. The brand’s new collection will be designed by Danielle Lauder, the great-granddaughter of the original creator of this brand.

The new makeup range, titled Act IV is coming our way in January 2020. According to an official statement by the brand, it will be reflective of Danielle’s beauty heritage and take inspiration from old Hollywood glamour.

This is quite fitting, since Estée Lauder’s great-granddaughter just happens to be an aspiring actress, with several impressive credits behind her. Her filmography includes movies Ride and The Stanford Prison Experiment.

The young actress and cosmetics heiress said she had “such an incredible experience” working on this collection while announcing it on Instagram, and revealed what we can expect from it during an interview with WWD.

“Act IV is a perfect blend of my heritage in beauty and my passion for acting, taking inspiration from my life in Hollywood to provide multifaceted makeup products for every woman to add a touch of glamour to her day,” said Danielle Lauder.