From Rom-Com Core to Rave Party Fits: Pinterest Predicts Leading Fashion Trends for 2023

Photo by Megan Ruth from Pexels

We can count on Pinterest to announce their trend forecast as soon as the new year approaches and their list of 2023 predictions is finally in! From rom-com core to rave party outfits, here are the five most exciting fashion trends that made the cut.

Rom-Com Core

Forget barbiecore and cottagecoreβ€”2023 will be all about trying to make your outfits as nostalgic as possible by copying the style of your favorite rom-com characters.

Fringe Comeback

Love them or hate them, fringes and tassels are making a huge comeback. Beaded fringe dresses, tassel skirts, and jackets are the most popular items under this category, but fringe wedding dresses are also becoming surprisingly popular.

Rave Fashion

Outfits inspired by the rave culture will be all the rave in 2023, pun intended! Berlin rave fashion is one of the most-searched terms under this category, along with house music outfits.

Sci-Fi Outfits

Another futuristic trend to emerge in 2023, sci-fi-inspired fashion will experience a huge rise. Pinterest users are crazy about gamer girl look these days, but they’re also searching for dystopian and avant-garde outfits.

Airy Styles

Shimmery, sheer, and ruffled dresses are all the rage in Hollywood and they’ll make a transition from the red carpet to our wardrobes in the new year.