Glass Hair – Instagram’s Latest Craze

Photo by Juan Faraco on Unsplash

We witnessed the birth of numerous new trends since Instagram launched for the first time. Glass hair is the latest craze that’s taking this photo-sharing platform by storm, and virtually every major celebrity is rocking it right now.

Regardless of what its name might suggest, this new fad has nothing to do with actual glass. It refers to a sharp cut which resembles the reflective qualities of the material it was named after, thanks to being very smooth, soft and shiny.

Even if you haven’t heard of glass hair until now, it’s not difficult to guess who started it all. Kim Kardashian was the first celeb spotted with a short bob, which looked as sleek and shiny as polished marble. The rest of her family quickly followed suit, but the list of famous fashionistas who love this hairstyle doesn’t end there. It includes everyone from Jenna Dewan and Bella Hadid to Dua Lipa and Lucy Hale.

In order to recreate this trend at home, you’ll have to summon up the courage to get a blunt-cut bob. After that’s done, you’ll start looking for the best anti-humidity spray on the market. You should also use a shine serum to give your new hairstyle a nice, silky finish.