H&M Launches Collaboration With British Brand Richard Allan

H&M has announced a collaboration with Richard Allan, a popular British brand that was founded in 1962. Richard Allan is known for vibrant colors and abstract prints that will be brought back to life in H&M’s new collection.

Allan’s daughter, Cate Allan, relaunched the brand in 2014 wanting to bring back her father’s legacy and introduce his flamboyant style to a new generation. “The 1960s offered this opportunity for new and innovative ideas in fashion, and it broke the mold in terms of pre-war perception. London became a hotbed of radical thinking, where the future was a new land, not a shadow of the past. Where so much had been destroyed, there was a blank canvas on which to paint a better future. It was an explosion of ideas, of color, and design. I do think that’s why it resonates, why it was so powerful,” she said in an interview published on H&M’s website.

Richard Allan is a brand best known for its colorful scarves. In Cate’s opinion, a scarf is so much more than just an accessory. She believes it’s a versatile object that can be tied and worn in many different ways, which is why they focus on it. 

The collection will be available in H&M stores and online starting August 22.