How to Pick Cute and Comfy “Work From Home” Outfits

Many people are social distancing and working from home these days and staying in their PJs while doing so. Dressing up for work, however, can feel like a great motivational boost and we’re here to help you pick the perfect outfit.

Comfort Comes First

You have to find the middle ground between your everyday and business attire while working from home and you should always put comfort first. Finding a few pairs of comfortable trousers or jeans is a good place to start.

Easy Pick

Picking the right top is much easier than finding the right pair of pants because you have a wide range of choices. Sweaters, blouses, and shirts are all an option, but you should always have a blazer on hand in case you want to make your look more professional in a matter of seconds.

Live Calls

If you’re taking things casual and staying in your pajamas, make sure you won’t be dealing with any video calls from the office that day. In case you’ll be talking to your colleagues, it’s better to keep up the appearances and wear your usual business attire.