Makeup Collections Everyone is Raving About This Valentine’s Day Season

Leading beauty brands tend to go all-in and give us epic new collections just in time for Valentine’s Day, but they took a low-key approach this time around. Makeup drops inspired by this holiday are few and far between, but there are a couple that we really love.

ColourPop Cosmetics

If we had to pick a single brand that really put an effort into their Valentine’s Day collection, it would be ColourPop. Their new collection is truly adorable, and many products come in heart-shaped packaging and different shades of pink and red.

Jaclyn Cosmetics

If you want to add a little bit of mystery to your Valentine’s Day makeup routine this year, you can do it with Jaclyn Hill’s Valentine’s Day Capsule mystery boxes.

KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian’s latest makeup collection is hitting the shelves just in time for Valentine’s Day, but don’t expect an explosion of red and pink shades, because it’s actually honey-themed.

Kylie Skin

After giving us several epic V Day collections through her brand Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner decided to focus on skincare this year and prepared a special Kylie Skin mini-set with eight signature products.