Pop Culture Themed Collections That Cropp Has in Store

Cropp is one of the best European fast fashion brands aimed at young rebels, and they have a lot of pop-culture themed items in store. If you want to pay homage to your favorite movies and TV shows with your clothes, here’s a couple of collections you should keep an eye on.

Rick and Morty

If Rick and Morty happens to be your favorite animated show, you’ll feel right at home at Cropp since they created a wide range of stylish items inspired by this series.

Billie Eilish

This store seems like the kind of place where Billie Eilish would look for her next outfit, so it’s not surprising to see they have a line of shirts that pay homage to the “Bad Guy” singer.


Superhero-themed clothes can be found at pretty much every fast fashion store these days, and this one is no exception.


Friends-themed clothes experienced a huge boom in the face of the show’s 25th anniversary last year, and you can still find them at Cropp.