What Do Prop Stylists Do Before a Shoot?

Photo by Flaunter .com on Unsplash

Have you ever looked at a magazine and became envious of an amazing home? If so, you’re not the only one. Many interior design magazines are full of pictures of amazing apartments and houses, but they aren’t real.

The person that makes these photos seem out of this world is a prop stylist. Like a regular stylist is tasked with making people look better, a prop stylist does the same with rooms.

Cleaning up the place

This aspect is perhaps the most important. Most sets have some sort of dirt, dust or excess furniture. A prop stylist decides what is excessive in a room and what draws the attention away from the most important pieces.


Ordering custom pieces

If an experienced prop stylist thinks that one particular piece of art of furniture might make the entire room look better, he orders it. The photographer and the designers trust him and take his word when he thinks something can be bettered.

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Choosing the time of the day for the shoot

Photographers and stylists usually do this in sync, but a prop stylist has a better knowledge of colors and hues. It can be his job to determine the time of the shoot.

For example, some darker hues might look better in the morning, whereas lighter hues might work well with the final rays of the sun.