These Eyeshadow Tips Will Help You Get a Foolproof Look

Many of us are scared of dipping our brushes into different shades of eyeshadow, so we stick to very simple makeup looks. The thing is that if you don’t try, you’ll never learn. These very simple, but important eyeshadow tips will help you achieve a foolproof makeup look.

Start With a Primer

Every great eyeshadow moment starts with a good priming product. Eye primer is a thing and you need to own it. It does exactly what it says, prepares the skin on the lids for eyeshadow and helps you get the most out of the palette you’re using. The look will last longer as well, plus you will prevent the concealer from creasing.

Great Brushes

Don’t hesitate before investing in great brushes. This applies to every single product in your range, not only for eyeshadows. You will see how easier it is to work on the lids if you have quality brushes. And don’t use a single one for everything. Different types were invented for different purposes.

Study Your Eye Shape

There are a range of eye shapes, so make sure you know yours. This will help you learn more about which colors to use and where and how to use them.