What is the “Babushka Boi” Trend and Why is it Here?

The thing about trends is that sometimes they live on as classic and chic representations of a time period and sometimes, they make us question whether we deserve another giant meteor to wipe out the planet. This latest menswear trend might be the latter. While it’s been slowly gaining momentum for quite a while now, the “Babushka Boi” look is really approaching a heyday. 

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Last year, it seems that A$AP Rocky pioneered the look when he wore a Gucci silk scarf wrapped around his head, reminiscent of a Russian grandmother. Since then, not only has A$AP Rocky written a song about this headgear, but the movement has picked up steam; notable scarf sporters include Frank Ocean, Marc Jacobs, and now, Jaden Smith. 


Smith is already quite well known for stepping outside the box in terms of his sense of fashion, so it makes perfect sense that he would opt for this uniquely intriguing look. The young entrepreneur/singer/actor debuted his babushka at the L.A. launch for his line, MSFTSrep. He cranked it up a step further by wearing a tie-die kerchief, apparently paying homage to his collection “Trippy Summer,” a collaboration with Stance socks.