3 Boot Styles to Invest in for 2024

Cowboy boots
Photo by Misael Nevarez on Unsplash

Boots in winter are always a practical and fashionable footwear choice, and next year certain styles will be big news indeed. Whether you prefer delicate footwear or for it to be as grungy as possible, there will be a boot style to suit you. Here are three of the biggest and best.

Long-Line Biker

Traditional biker boots are just above the ankle, but for 2024 these sturdy shoes will come in slightly extended styles, hitting about the mid-calf. This is a great look as it can be worn with pants, skirts, or dresses and delivers just a little grunge to balance out a dainty floral dress or smart pants.

Cowboy Boots

The trend for cowboy boots is not going anywhere, these fabulous boots go great with jeans and dresses alike. Opt for a classic stitched black or brown pair, or experiment with silver, gold, or a brighter-toned leather.

Hiking Boots

As fashion turns to the great outdoors for inspiration, hiking boots will become part of daily winter wear, even if you’re only venturing out to the local park. Warm, practical, and comfortable, this is one look most of us can get behind.