Check Out Microsoft’s Version of a Holiday “Ugly Sweater” 

Who said ugly Christmas sweaters had to be red and green with reindeer or Santa? This season Microsoft unveiled something a bit more creative. Their unique addition to the festive wardrobe is an “ugly sweater” inspired by the iconic Windows XP. Yep, a computer-themed ugly sweater. 

Windows XP enjoyed an impressive 13-year lifespan. For five of those years, it was the newest version available, and for an additional three, it retained popularity even as successors emerged. This made XP’s default wallpaper, “Bliss”, one of the most recognizable images globally.

In a delightful nod to this legacy, Microsoft’s latest holiday sweater features the serene green hills and blue sky of the Bliss wallpaper. A giant mouse pointer hovers over the scene, to make sure the design is unmistakably rooted in computing nostalgia.

Microsoft’s foray into “ugly sweaters” actually isn’t new. In the past, the company has released sweaters with Minesweeper motifs, MS Paint themes, the classic Windows logo, and even one featuring the memorable virtual assistant, Clippy. These designs have become a quirky, beloved part of the tech giant’s holiday tradition.

So if you’re looking for a fun twist to this holiday season’s wardrobe, this might be for you.