3 Easy Ways to Add Feathers To Your Outfit

All your favorite celebrities embraced feathers on the red carpet, but wearing them in everyday setting can be tricky. They are too extravagant for the street style scene, but if you play your cards right it’s possible to make them look modern and refreshing no matter where you go.

Skirt Bonanza

Feathered dresses are difficult to pull off, but you can never go wrong with skirts. They are integral, but not the only part of your outfit and you can look amazing in one if you perfectly balance your look with the rest of your fashion items.

Tiny Details

Wearing feathers doesn’t necessarily mean they have to overtake your whole outfit. You can also add an edge to your look by wearing accessory or pieces of jewelry that prominently feature this motive.

Jacket Extravaganza

If you’re not a big fan of skirts, bust still want to go big with feathers without entering fashion disaster territory, jackets are always a safe option. It would be ideal not to combine them with other feathery pieces, unless you manage to come up with a really creative way to pull it off.