3 Flat Shoe Styles You Need in Your Wardrobe

Ballet flats
Photo by Pesce Huang on Unsplash

In case you missed it, flat shoes are having a major style moment in 2024. Whether you want pretty and demure style shoes or something a little punky and dramatic, flat shoes have got it all. Here, check out three of the biggest flat shoe styles that are set to dominate Summer 2024. Once these shoes are in your wardrobe, you won’t need anything else, as they will take you from work to a wedding to a park picnic to a day on the beach.

Simple Sandals

What could be easier to style than a pair of black, flat sandals? Wear these with dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts, and dress them up or down depending on the event you’re wearing them to.

Ballet Flats

It’s been hard to ignore the trend for ballet flats over the past few months, but then who would want to? Stylish, chic and so much more practical than heeled shoes, ballet flats look fantastic styled with baggy jeans, a simple slip dress, or with breezy linen shorts. To really up your fashion game, you could opt for a mesh pair. Just remember, these won’t be much use in the rain!

Flat Slingbacks

Slingback shoes are another style that has dominated recently. If you like the idea of a delicate ankle strap but can’t face navigating around on spindly heels, try a pair of flat slingback shoes. These retain all of the chicness of the heeled versions, but are much easier to wear every day.