3 Tips For Better Ironing Results

Ironing Board
Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Let’s face it, ironing isn’t usually the highlight of anyone’s day. But there’s a real satisfaction in seeing those wrinkles disappear and your clothes looking crisp and polished. If you’ve ever struggled with a stubborn crease or wondered why your clothes don’t look as good as they could after ironing, here are some tips to help.

Use the Right Temperature and Settings

One of the most crucial aspects of ironing is using the correct temperature and settings for the fabric you’re working with. For example, for synthetics, use a low heat setting to avoid melting or damaging the fabric. Cotton does best on high heat.

Employ Steam and Sprays Strategically

Steam is a powerful ally in removing wrinkles. If your iron has a steam function, use it to your advantage. For irons without steam, use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly mist the fabric before ironing. 

Iron in the Right Order and Technique

Maximizing your efficiency while ironing not only saves time but can also improve the end results. When ironing shirts, for example, start with the collar, move to the cuffs, then the sleeves, and finish with the body. And always iron in long, straight strokes rather than a back-and-forth motion to prevent new wrinkles from forming.