3 Tricks That Will Help You With Your Beauty Routine on Vacation

When you’re at home, your beauty routine can be as comprehensive as you want, but what happens when you go away on vacation? In some cases, you can take everything with you and not worry about it, but traveling with limited luggage can be a challenge. Whether you’re limited by an airline company or you simply don’t want to carry all those big bottles that quickly add up and become super heavy, we have a few tips to help you stay on track with your beauty routine, even when traveling.

Travel-Size Products

This one is obvious, but you may not be using the full potential of travel-size packaging. Try to predict how much of a product you will realistically need and only take that. Not only your luggage will weigh less, but you can also discard the empty packaging at the end of your vacation and make room for souvenirs!

Makeup Remover Wipes

You don’t have to take a bottle of makeup remover; you can use disposable wipes during your vacation and not worry about the liquid spilling in your luggage.

Small Mirror

Just in case the bathroom light is not very good, take a small mirror with you and you’ll be able to do your makeup by the window or wherever is convenient!