5 Best Ways to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage This Summer

Photo by Mariya Oliynyk on Unsplash

We’re all aware of how important it is to protect our skin from the sun once summer arrives, but our hair will also be craving extra attention this season. We’re bringing you five tips and tricks that will help you protect your hair from sun damage in the next few months.

Right Products

Even if you have favorite products that you enjoy using all year long, consider switching things up in the summer. Seek shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and other products that offer UV and heat protection.

Right Hairstyles

Your approach to styling your hair should change this summer, so consider embracing buns, braids, or updos with open arms. In addition to minimizing sun exposure to your hair, they’ll help you guard off the heat.

Hats & Scarves

Hats and scarves should be your best friend this season because they can play an important role in providing protection for your hair, while also shielding your face and neck.

Rinse After Swimming

Don’t forget to rinse your hair every time you return from swimming because saltwater or chlorinated water can significantly damage your hair, drying it out and leading to breakage.

No Heat Styling

Ditch blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners once summer arrives to avoid exposing your hair to even more heat and let it dry naturally whenever possible.