5 Essential Items You’ll Need to Ace the Tenniscore Aesthetic

Tennis outfit
Photo by Andre Portolesi on Unsplash

The tenniscore aesthetic has been trending for a few years now, and it’s going stronger than ever in the wake of Challengers’ success. If you’re in the mood to ace the sporty sophistication of this tennis-inspired craze, these five items will get you there.

Tennis Skirts & Dresses

Pleated tennis skirts and skorts are having a moment right now because they’re super comfortable while still looking stylish. Tennis dresses are just as easy to pull off and their classic silhouettes are impossible to resist.

Tennis Sneakers

White sneakers with a retro vibe are also the cornerstone of the tenniscore aesthetic, and they’ll bring a vintage country club vibe to your look.

White & Green

Tennis is often referred to as “the white sport” and wearing white is a good place to start when trying to serve this aesthetic. Adding lime green items to the mix is also a good idea because they mimic the color of the tennis ball.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the key to pulling off the tenniscore style, and you can easily pair them with pretty much any outfit.

Preppy Sweaters

Knit sweaters and cable-knit vests are one of the easiest tenniscore items to incorporate into your style, and you can easily mix and match these preppy pieces with sporty basics.