5 Incredible Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin is not easy, especially if you like makeup and want to experiment with it. How many times have you bought a new foundation only to realize that it’s making you break out? Here are 5 makeup tips for people with sensitive skin.

Prep Your Skin

Moisturizing your skin before putting on any makeup should be part of your daily routine. Spraying thermal water can help calm your skin and increase the hydration you get with a moisturizer.

Organic Makeup Isn’t Always Better

Natural and organic labels don’t guarantee that a product will be better for your skin, especially if it contains perfume or preservatives.

Use Solid Makeup

Solid formulations usually come with fewer preservatives and are gentler on your skin.

Replace Foundation With BB Cream

BB creams contain fewer pigments than liquid foundation, so if you can, use them.

Use Sponges

Apply makeup with a sponge that you wash before every use, but avoid sponges that contain latex as it can trigger allergies.