5 Pinterest Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Corp-core. Photo by Liviu Boldis on Unsplash

This summer will be all about making big and bold fashion choices—at least according to Pinterest’s recent research. From Y3K aesthetic to rocker chic, here are five Pinterest trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere this season.

“Tomboy Femme”

Pinterest forecast we’ll be embracing “tomboy chic” this season and wearing baggy outfits, oversized jerseys, and green cargo fits to give this trend our seal of approval.


“Corp-core” is another buzzy term taking Pinterest by storm this summer, and it’s all about rocking corporate chic outfits, pinstriped pants, blazers, and vest and skirt combos.

Y3K Aesthetic

The Y2K aesthetic had its moment, but Pinterest users are now looking into the future. Y3K trend is taking this platform by storm, with silver sneakers and lime green outfits emerging among the most-searched terms.

Rocker Chic

Rocker chic is another trendy aesthetic that Gen-Z can’t get enough of. It’s pretty popular on Pinterest, with alt-baddie, rock and roll outfits, leather wear, and 80s new-wave fashion emerging among the most-searched terms.

“Make it Big” Jewelry

Maximalist and eclectic jewelry is going stronger than ever on Pinterest this summer, and it’s all about wearing chunky gold pieces, charm necklaces, and bag charms.