5 Trendy Hairstyles That We’ve Been Seeing Everywhere in 2020

2020 has felt like the longest year in existence, but it’s coming to an end. Many of the things that we’ve been introduced to this year, however, aren’t going away anytime soon—including these five trendy hairstyles.

Pink Tones

Pink was the no. 1 hair color of the early days of quarantine, as many people discovered they can easily use colorful dyes to transform their own hair and make it look chic.

Curtain Bangs

Speaking of hairstyles we’ve all been trying in quarantine, bangs also made a huge comeback. We thought this trend will go out of style by now, but curtain bangs are still ruling the world.


Credit Miley Cyrus, Tiger King, or whoever else you want for this polarizing hair trend, but mullets are back and going stronger than ever.

Chunky Highlights

Everyone from Hollywood stars to TikTok influencers has been dying the front of their hair in a different color, and chunky highlight became the defining trend of 2020.


High ponytail has been ruling the world for quite some time, but pigtails took the center stage in 2020 and they were often combined with another equally nostalgic trend – side bangs.