6 Biggest Bag Trends Right Now

Image via petalprep/Instagram

Every season, the runway is graced with excitingly different bag shapes. The Spring 2018 collections were no different. The great thing is that there seems to be something for everyone this season.

If you’re a traditional kinda gal who loves the monogram logo look, plenty of iconic fashion houses brought back this favorite.

Other designers also highlighted the monogram logo theme but veered away from the traditional towards something eye-catching and quirky. There were also some extremely cool geometric pouches, soft pastels, bright stripes, and so much more.

Read on for some of the coolest trends this summer. There’s something for every budget and taste.

Waist bags

The fanny pack has come of age and entered the world of high fashion. Although they’re still practical, there’s an element of fun about them, with some even coming with chains and a definite air of the girly.


Pastels are a huge trend this season, with loads of shades to choose from. Any shape goes.


Look out for materials such as straw, wicker, and raffia this season. Try a mesh grocery bag or a woven satchel.


Geometric bags can be works of art. From Danse Lente to Louis Vuitton, the geometric shape is looking gorgeous.

Logos, logos, logos

This season, a slew of designers reinvented the monogram logo in new ways for a twist on a classic look.



Stripes popped up all over the Spring runways, from Adidas to Balenciaga, right the way to Zara.