6 Halloween Costumes For 80s Horror Fans

If you’re tired of the Harley Quinn’s and the posers stealing your thunder at Halloween, why not show up to the party dressed head to toe in an 80’s horror tribute? From Chucky to Hellraiser, these are the best 80’s-horror-inspired costumes Instagram has to offer.

Child’s Play

The Conjuring‘s Annabelle may be the latest doll terrorizing our dreams (or rather… nightmares), but Chucky is the OG demonic toy your Halloween inspo needs.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddie Krueger is an 80s icon and makeup from @crystalmakeup pays homage to his horrifying image. On a separate note, the eye makeup on the right is on point.

The Evil Dead

If you want a low-effort 80s costume, all you need is a chainsaw prop and fake blood to pull of Ash’s signature look in The Evil Dead.


OK, so Gremlins is hardly R-rated horror, but this Gizmo cosplay from @astayoung is inspired.


Apologies if you are squeamish but how awesome is this Hellraiser costume from @jordanhanz? We’re not quite sure we could pull it off.

Frankenstein’s Bride

Frankenstein has appeared in countless horror features over the years. Rockabilly Frankenstein’s bride remains a solid go-to for an eerily gorgeous Halloween costume.