Alleyoop Just Made Your Makeup Bag a Whole Lot Lighter

Try as we might, we’re all guilty of stockpiling beauty products: things we use every day, things we rarely use at all, brand new lipsticks, and empty concealer tubes. All these goodies culminate to create a makeup bag that’s filled to the brim and nearly impossible to sift through. Fortunately, help is on the way. Introducing your new favorite space-saving and multi-purpose brand: Alleyoop.

Founder Leaila Kashani says that “Traditionally we’re taught to try and keep up with wellness and beauty brands, but what if we demand our brands to keep up with our busy lives?” Disgruntled by the “need” to have so many different items for so many different things, Kashani set out to “generally make life simpler for people.”

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It’s about time. Stay tuned ✨

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So she created Alleyoop: an all-vegan, travel-friendly line of products that are based around the products that surveyed women said they used the most. Things like “The Multitasker” (makeup sponge, blush, brow tool, contouring, and eyeshadow brush all in one), “Pen Pal” (a nod to the retro multi-color pen which features black and brown eyeliners, highlighter, and lipliner), and “Tip Off” (liquid makeup remover-filled cotton swabs) were all created with the intention of making a busy life on-the-go just a little bit easier.