Are Hybrid Sneaker-Heels the Next Big Thing?

As we well know, circular fashion is a big trend toward making the industry more eco-friendly, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Within the realm of circular fashion is up-cycling: taking at least one product which is no longer in use and give it a few updates to make it wearable again.

The latest venture to come out of up-cycling is here and in full swing: high-heeled sneakers! We know what your thinking, wedges built to look like sneakers have been out for years now, but this new look is a little different. Designers are now in the business of hybridizing sneakers and stilettos. Don’t believe us? Just watch. 

From the Rombaut 2020 Spring collection, we have some highly futuristic-looking, metal-heeled stilettos featuring the soles of those heinous dad sneakers that everyone has been wearing. One version is a multi-colored velvet boot which is quite tolerable, while another looks like a bad knock-off version of the Yeezy sock boot. 

A much more palatable version of the hybrid exists from Ancuta Sarca; a Romanian-born French designer who repurposes Nike trainers into pointy-toed kitten heels. You can decide for yourself but we think these kicks are worth sporting.