Bailee Madison is Serving Some Major Fashion Inspiration on Her Instagram

Bailee Madison. Photo by Shutterstock (10553379i)

Bailee Madison went from being a child star to scoring lead TV roles over the course of the last decade, and her style improved a lot in the past few years. She’s serving some major fashion inspiration with each of her Instagram posts, and here’s a couple of amazing trends she embraced recently.

Prairie Fashion

Little Women brought prairie fashion back in the spotlight, and Madison is just one of many stars we’ve seen embrace this surprising trend.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are never going out of style, and we’ll never get bored with beautiful dresses with this playful print.

Statement Belts

Statement belts have been dominating red carpet for some time, but most people haven’t even noticed them since they’re such an understated fashion accessory.

Retro Bob

We’ve seen bobs make a comeback in many shapes and forms, but there’s just something about the ones that are giving us major ‘90s vibes that never gets boring.

Hooded Dresses

Hooded dresses are stylish and cozy at the same time, and we can see why everyone’s falling in love with them right now.