Besamé’s Latest Makeup Range is Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

If you think the world had enough Disney makeup collections for this year, that’s only because you haven’t seen what Besamé has in store. Their latest range is inspired by Sleeping Beauty and it does an amazing job paying homage to this classic fairy tale.

Besamé marked the 60th anniversary of the animated classic with their latest collection, and they went through the Disney Archives before creating it. Masterminds behind this line really went an extra mile to faithfully recreate the colors and artwork from the original movie, and their persistence really paid off.

Besamé managed to create the most authentic Disney makeup range we’ve seen so far, and each of the products tells a new story. You can choose between eight different items, or get them all in a bundle if you’re a true Sleeping Beauty fan.

Our personal favorites are the eyeshadow palette, the royal vanity mirror, and the locket cream rouge because they look like they’ve been torn out of a fantasy world. We’re also huge fans of the lipsticks inspired by Aurora and Maleficent’s signature looks.