French Drip: The Nail Trend Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

French manicures are one of those nail trends that’s constantly evolving and reemerging, and one of the hottest trends of the fall is inspired by this style. French drip nails are currently taking Instagram by storm, and everyone wants to give them a try.

Just like many beauty trends over the past decade, this one was kick-started by a member of the Kardashian family. People went crazy for French drip nails after Kylie Jenner endorsed them on Instagram, and it’s not difficult to spot the resemblance with her Kylie Cosmetics logo.

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French Drip😍💗💗💗✨

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After the young beauty mogul shared a photo of her French drip mani, everyone else wanted to try it and it quickly became one of the most popular emerging nail trends. Just like the name of this manicure suggests, your nail artist is required to create an illusion of paint dripping down your nails.

The one thing this style shares with the French manicure is the fact that the tips of your nails are covered in a single color, while the rest is transparent. That’s just the basic look, and nail artist on Instagram are already putting their spin on it and taking it a completely different direction.