“Birds of Prey” Costume Designer Has a Jewelry Line Inspired by the Movie

Harley Quinn is back to rock our world in her new movie Birds of Prey, and her fashion choices are bolder and more colorful than ever. Costume designer Erin Benach is the true mastermind behind them, and she even has an entire jewelry line inspired by this movie.

Benach’s recently launched the jewelry brand Billie Valentine, bringing the bling we get to see on the big screen into the real world. The Birds of Prey collection is her first that draws inspiration from a cultural phenomenon of this scale.

Calling this collection Birds of Prey-inspired is actually an understatement since it’s a true cosplayer’s paradise. They are handmade replicas of Harley Quinn’s jewelry we get to see in the movie, and you’ll recognize some of them right away.

After making her breakup with the Joker official by throwing away the chain with a large later J, our favorite anti-heroine replaces it with a chunky layered charm necklace. This is the signature piece of Billie Valentine’s line, which features a total of nine pieces—including a Bruce chain choker, and crossbow, mallet, and bat key chains.