Bucket Hat Styling Ideas From H&M’s Instagram

Bucket hats made a huge comeback last year, and they’re still going to be around in 2020. If you find them adorable, but have no clue how to wear them, here’s a couple of ideas from H&M’s Instagram that will spark your imagination.

Matching Colors

You don’t want your bucket hat to look completely out of place, so make sure it matches one of the other items you’re wearing, preferably your purse or mini bag.

Neutral Shades

When picking a perfect bucket hat for yourself, make sure to go with one in a neutral shade, so you could easily combine it with every other item from your wardrobe.

Hair Accessorizing

Don’t let your bucket hat stop you from wearing other hair accessories including hair clips, ribbons and scrunchies as long as you figure out how to pair them off together.   

Flower Power

Floral print is going to be all the rage this spring, so if you manage to find a bucket hat that matches one of your floral items, just go ahead and wear it.