Celebrity Style of 2019: the Most Unexpected Trends

Trends seem to come and go and before we have time to test them out ourselves, they’ve already gone out of style. 2019 was all about bringing back trends from previous decades, many of which we wish stayed in the past, and making them fashionable again. Celebrities pulled these trends straight from the runways and brought them into everyday fashion. These were the most memorable ones of the past year.

Men’s Jewelry

If you read our article about the one earing trending making its way into the most fashion-forward celebrities wardrobes you shouldn’t be surprised to see it on this list. Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, and A$AP are no strangers to wearing jewelry on the red carpet. In fact, A$AP has been seen wearing pearl necklaces and chockers to many events.

Flip- Flop Heels

Ever since Kim Kardashian wore husband Kanye West’s Weezy stiletto thong heels other celebrities jumped on the trend. We don’t know how they manage to wear them, they look super uncomfortable, but Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also sported them.

Statement Bags

Lizzo’s statement teeny tiny bag at the AMAs was the real winner at the award ceremony. We can’t stop talking about it. It doesn’t matter the size, mini bags, oversized bags, murses, all had their moment this year. We also loved Kendall Jenner’s Hermès Birkin bag, it seemed much more practical that Lizzo’s.

Cardigans & Sweater Vests

If you haven’t heard of Katie Holmes’ sweater game, where have you been this fall? She’s literally the queen of comfort, she knows how to keep things feminine by having intimates peek through her sweaters. Sometimes celebrities want to stay cozy and warm like the rest of us.