Chinese Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

The fashion blogging community in China is huge. These are some of the greatest Chinese modern influencers who often have tens of millions of followers on networks such as Weibo (Chinese Twitter), Tik Tok (Chinese Snapchat), and WeChat (Chinese messaging app).

Mr Bags/Tao Liang

Weibo: @Bags包先生, 3.7m followers; @Heels鞋先生, 44k followers

Becky Li

Weibo: @黎贝卡的异想世界, 3.2m followers

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Weibo: @Chrison克里森, 5m followers


Weibo: @Dipsy迪西, 5.6m followers

Fil Xiaobai

Weibo: @Fil小白, 3.28m followers

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Weibo: @papi酱, 28.47m followers

Siva Shen

Weibo: @了不起日报的了不起, 43k followers

Zola Zhang

Weibo: @原来是西门大嫂, 1.62m followers

Yishu Gao

Weibo: @搞艺术一横, 735k followers