Classic Work Outfits With a White Button-Down

Nearly every job comes with a dress code, and most of them follow a usual set of rules. You’ll always be safe with classic garments like black pants, pencil skirts, and a white button-down, but sometimes you just want to spice things up with some details unique to you.

It’s not easy to balance staying professional and giving your work outfits a personal touch, but it’s definitely doable. There are many girls on Instagram who present this type of style with great success and they were our main inspiration today. 

As we scan the photos, we can pick out a few guidelines that will help you look best in a plain white button-down. First of all, make sure it’s not too tight on you. It’s always better to have a size or two bigger blouses that you can tuck into your pants or a skirt for that chic but professional effect.

Another tip is to experiment with accessories. For example, you can match shoes with pants, but draw people’s focus on a fabulous bag that stands out.

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