Did Anyone Else Nearly Miss The Falmin’ Hot Cheetos x Forever 21 Collaboration?

There have been a whole bunch of collaborations to get excited about this year. From Harry Potter x Vans to Kyle Jenner x Adidas, we thought we’d done a pretty good job keeping up to date. So how on earth did we miss the Falmin’ Hot Cheetos collaboration with Forever 21?

When we were scrolling through trends this morning, we thought we would stop by Forever 21’s Instagram page to see what their take was on the crochet trend. Instead of crochet crop tops, we were bombarded with bright orange “cheeto” tees. And what we want to know is… what’s going on?

“Cheetos is more than a snack brand; we’ve become a lifestyle brand among our fans,” explained director of marketing Brandi Ray. “So what better way to embody that lifestyle than with a clothing line in partnership with Forever 21 — another brand with an incredibly passionate fan base similar to Cheetos.”

VP of Merchandising Linder Chang added: “We are so excited to join forces with an iconic snack like Flaming Hot Cheetos. Flaming Hot Cheetos fans are so fanatical, and over the past couple of years, we have seen their love for this food illustrated all over pop culture, and in particular, via social media. We are so honored to be releasing this limited edition capsule!”

We guess that explains it then? Hmm. You can shop the collection here.