Doja Cat is the New Queen of Colorful Wigs

Some of our favorite hip-hop stars, including Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, rocked countless colorful wigs throughout their career, and Doja Cat is following in their footsteps. The “Say So” singer already gave us a bunch of vibrant hairstyles, and these are some of her very best.

Hot Pink

Doja Cat made a splash with her sophomore album Hot Pink, so it’s not that difficult to guess which is her favorite color.

Paint It Red

We also watched the “Say So” singer go through several shades of red in the last few months, ranging from a lighter orange to dark red hues.

Another Blonde?

Doja Cat wears blonde wigs so often that we wouldn’t judge you if you thought this was her natural hair color, but that’s far from the truth.

Purple Haze

Once you dig deep through the rapper’s Instagram, you’ll realize there’s no hair color she hasn’t tried, including several different variations of purple and lilac.

Double Trouble

Rocking one vibrant hair color at the time sometimes just isn’t enough, and the “Juicy” singer simply couldn’t resist this blonde and green wig.