Don’t Forget to Protect Your Skin this Summer!

Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash

Summer is upon us… and therefore, so is potential sun damage! While we normally try to live in the present, when it comes to sunscreen, it’s imperative that we think about our future skin. Now’s the time to protect our complexions from the sun’s rays. We’ve got the best sunscreens for all skin types. 

Normal Skin

If you’ve got “normal” skin, that means you can pretty much slather your face with whatever and not worry about an allergic reaction or blemishes. Lucky you! That also means you don’t have to look too far for a sunscreen. Our pick is Elta MD Sheer SPF. It’s dermatologist approved and protects against both UVA and UVB rays!

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive and dry or eczema-prone skin, we recommend Vanicream’s SPF. Its super thick, moisturizing, gentle, and gets the job done.

Acne Prone

If you’re prone to breakouts, you’re gonna need something non-comedogenic and preferably fragrance-free. Say, “hello” to Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen: no parabens, fragrances, or any known-irritants. Plus, it’s water-resistant.

Darker Skin

While mineral sunscreens are cool, they tend to leave darker skin looking chalky. To avoid that, try a chemical, lotion sunscreen like Black Girl Sunscreen: it’s got broad-spectrum coverage and goes on clear.