Dua Lipa Unveils Falls Hottest New Nail Trend

Dua Lipa. Photo by Clint Spaulding/REX/Shutterstock (10227716oy)

We’re always looking for new nail art trends – is there a more fun way to express yourself and your style creatively without the commitment of dying your hair or purchasing a new wardrobe? We can’t think of one. In that vein, Dua Lipa has found the perfect way to welcome the new season as well as a way to keep her nails looking pretty. 

As we transition into fall, plaids are back on our radar and the singer is no stranger to them. Decked out for the Burberry show at London Fashion Week, Dua Lipa sported a set of perfectly manicured nails, featuring mismatched, neon, plaid patterns. Try saying that three times fast. The pop star is apparently trying to see how many trends she can fit on one hand.

But seriously, look how pretty!! Even if you’re not en route to sit front row at Burberry, you can still try out this sure-to-be hot trend. It might be a little more difficult if you don’t have professional nail artist Mei Kawajiri at your disposal, but with a little hard work and determination (and some SERIOUS nail art skills) we have faith that you can pull this look off.