Essential Tie-Dye Pieces Everyone Should Own

If we had to pick a single fashion trend that’s going to define the rest of 2020, it would be tie-dye. This retro print is everywhere this year, and if you still haven’t embraced it, here’s a couple of must-have items you should buy or make on your own.

Retro Shirt

If you’re not head over heels with tie-dye, but still want at least one item in this print, a simple shirt is your safest bet. Pretty much every street fashion brand has one, but you can also get creative with a DIY tutorial.

Trendy Sweatsuit

Tie-dye sweatsuits experienced a huge boom this spring, and you don’t have to limit yourself to wearing them at home. To make the whole thing even better, you can split your set, and wear sweatpants and hoodie separately with other fashion pieces.

Denim Items

There’s nothing quite like mixing two fashion trends into one, and denim happens to be just as popular as tie-dye this spring. Jordache is one of the brands putting this combo on the map, and their rainbow-colored jeans and jackets look truly spectacular.