Estée Lauder’s New Makeup Collection Pays Homage to Old Hollywood

It’s been a few months since Estée Lauder announced tit’s working on a new collection inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, created by none other than Danielle Lauder. Her beauty line is finally here and it’s certainly living up to the hype.

When she first revealed she’s working on new collection by the name Act IV, the great-granddaughter of Estée Lauder creators said she wants to blend her heritage in beauty and her passion for acting into one, and she did a pretty great job doing it.

Art-deco elegance of the original marble packaging won us over right away, but you don’t have to judge a book by its cover to be impressed by this collection. Act IV comes with several must-have products, including brush set, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, and complexion liquid.

All of the items come with Hollywood-inspired names, such as brushed by fame, spotlight and best picture. The entire line became available on January 5th, and can be purchased online and at select stores, including Harrods.