Cucculelli Shaheen: an Emerging Brand We Want to See on the Red Carpet

Red carpet events are filled with pieces from familiar designers, but every once in a while a new brand emerges and makes us wonder “Where have you been our whole life?” Cucculelli Shaheen perfectly fits this description, and we can’t get enough of their haute couture creations.

This brand caught our eye when Jaime King attended In Style’s Golden Globe party in one of their opulent gowns, and we haven’t stopped admiring their work ever since. Her red carpet choice made us wonder why the name of this brand doesn’t sound familiar, and it turns out they’re pretty new to the scene.

Cucculelli Shaheen was founded in 2017 by Anthony Cucculelli And Anna Shaheen, who have over 25 years of design experience under their belts. They mostly specialize in making one-of-a-kind bridal dresses, and that’s probably why the rest of their work still didn’t get a chance to shine.

The masterminds behind this brand pride themselves in “combining the modernity of an American brand with European attention to craft and rich detail.” Cucculelli Shaheen may be new to the scene, but they already have a clear vision for their brand and you’ll recognize their designs right away because they’re covered in amazing beadwork and embroidery.